5 Reasons to Attend Influential Summit

Is it your first time attending Influential Summit? Not sure what an influencer conference entails? Influential Summit is a meeting of the minds for influencers, micro-influencers, bloggers, content writers, photographers, marketers and all those who love sharing their parenting, lifestyle and wellness journey. Here are 5 reasons why you should attend this experiential event that connects influencers with brands looking to broaden their influencer marketing programs.

Meeting Brands and Influencers

This is the perfect setting for brands and influencers to chat. It can be hard to contact the brands you love and are interested in promoting on your social media platform. Here, you get a casual space to talk business and make some new connections. We are so excited to host many new and old brands like UPPAbaby, Crane, and Nissan! For brands, it can be hard finding the right person to showcase your product. We give you the opportunity to speak with potential collaborators.

Sessions and Speakers

We have put together an incredible lineup of educational workshops that are geared towards managing and growing you and your business. There will be many sessions geared towards both brands and influencers. Some sessions include “The Ins and Outs of Finding and Working with Micro-Influencers,” “What is a Media Kit, How Do I Create One, and Why Do I Need One?,” and “Building a Brand, presented by Cybex.” Check out the full event schedule here.

Mingling with Other Influencers

Building your brand is also about creating lasting connections between you and other influencers. It can be hard doing it alone out there on social media. By coming to Influential Summit, you get a relaxed opportunity to talk to people just like you.

Special Perks

Sunrise yoga, breakfast on the terrace, dinner, and an amazing gift bag, oh my! These are just a few of the extras included with your ticket. We will be waking up with the sun on Saturday morning for some “me” time presented by MTRNL yoga before hearing from a remarkable guest. And have you seen the gift bags from last year? Some of the brands who included items are JuJuBe, Ergobaby, DivaCup and more!


How can we not talk about the gorgeous backdrop that is the southern California coast? Hang out with friends, take some selfies and grow your business at the beautiful Cape Rey resort and spa.


No matter if you are going for the community, education, conversations with brands, fun, or all of the above, Influential Summit is the ultimate influencer event you can’t miss.  Click here to get your tickets today for 10% off!