“This was Crane’s second year at the Carlsbad Influential Summit. I was very impressed with the quality of influencers and their sincere interest in educating their followers on brands they love.”

Katie Sotor, Vice President: Marketing & Sales


“I love the intimate feel and sense of community that permeates the Influential Summit. As a brand, education about homeopathy is first and foremost for us and this is an ideal setting. The summit allows for us to spend quality time connecting and reconnecting with a wide range of influencers and like-minded brands. Our products have been warmly embraced by both seasoned users and newcomers to homeopathic medicines and we expect that some of these relationships to continue long after the conference.”

Deborah Kelly, Director of Public Relations
Boiron USA–



“My favorite part was being able to talk to brands face to face and connecting with other moms. I loved hearing about other people’s take on social media growth and was able to take away different tips on how to keep growing.”

Karol Priscilla, Influencer, karol_priscilla


“My favorite part was the ability to connect -with both influencers and brands. Getting to hear the brand perspective really helped paint a clear picture of the work we need to produce to be able to maintain those relationships.”

Karen Martinez, Influencer, mammabearsays


“Our time at the Influential Summit was well balanced between professional presentations, connecting with other eager influencers, and learning about amazing new products from well-established brands.”

Ashley Bakalarski, Influencer, ashleylynlivin


“The best part of the event was that it brought everyone on the same platform. The big influencers and the small influencers were able to meet and interact with each other and with the same brands irrespective of their follower count.”

Harjinder Kukreja, Influencer, Harjinderkukreja


“I really liked that you had sessions by brand representatives. It is so important to know what they think and expect from influencers. “

Natalia Cepeda, Influencer, Natalia_usa